Dancers feet are always movingDancers feet are always moving

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Dancers feet are always moving

Dancers seem so glamorous moving about on the stage, but when they head backstage and take off their shoes you see a much less glamourous picture. Staying on your feet and executing those tricky moves takes a lot of work and puts an awful lot of pressure on the feet. We work with the dance companies to help rehabilitate their dancers after injuries, as well as strengthening and supporting the dancers feet to prevent injuries occuring in the first place. If you are a dancer or work with dancers, this site has ways you can practically support a dancer's feet to keep them performing.


Three reasons for choosing a specialist sports podiatrist

Podiatry is the treatment and prevention of injuries to the foot and ankle, including problems with the bones, muscles and tendons. However, many podiatrists specialise in sporting injuries. Here are some of the reasons why you should see a sports podiatrist if you regularly participate in sporting activities.

Specialist knowledge

Sports podiatrists will have studied sports science and will have a good knowledge of how the body works during sporting activities. They will be aware of how the muscles work during particular types of activity and will know about how weight loads affect the feet and ankles. They will also be much more knowledgeable about the particular injuries and issues that can arise during particular sports. This means they will be much better placed to diagnose problems with your feet and ankles and recommend preventative measures for the future.


All podiatrists can recommend various courses of action for the future, including the use of orthotics or exercises. However, a sports podiatrist will be more aware of what kinds of stresses will be acting upon your feet and what specific risks you are experiencing during your involvement with the activity. They will, therefore, be able to recommend measures that are better tailored to the sporting activities that you undergo. Sportspeople have different risks than everyone else, and there are also different risks for different sports and different levels of involvement. By using a sports podiatrist with a knowledge and understanding of your own field of activity, you are much more likely to avoid injury.


This is where it is particularly important to use a sports specialist. If you regularly take part in sport, it is likely that you do not just want to avoid injury — you also want to improve your performance. A sports podiatrist will be able to assess your biomechanical performance and test whether your legs are as stable and properly aligned as they should be. They can then make recommendations to help improve your results. They may prescribe an exercise regime to build up strength in your feet and ankles or may recommend modifications to sporting equipment such as boots or running shoes. Your sports podiatrist will be an important part of your training team.

Whether you are a professional athlete or a weekend runner, a sports podiatrist can help to keep you from injury, treat any problems that arise and improve your performance. Look for a sports podiatrist to learn more.