Dancers feet are always movingDancers feet are always moving

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Dancers feet are always moving

Dancers seem so glamorous moving about on the stage, but when they head backstage and take off their shoes you see a much less glamourous picture. Staying on your feet and executing those tricky moves takes a lot of work and puts an awful lot of pressure on the feet. We work with the dance companies to help rehabilitate their dancers after injuries, as well as strengthening and supporting the dancers feet to prevent injuries occuring in the first place. If you are a dancer or work with dancers, this site has ways you can practically support a dancer's feet to keep them performing.

A Guide On Shockwave Therapy

Are you suffering from a lingering injury or pain caused by an illness? You may not need pain killers or invasive surgery to manage your condition. Instead, shockwave therapy can help you reduce the pain and improve mobility by triggering the body to heal itself.  What Is Shockwave Therapy? Shockwave therapy is a treatment approach used in physiotherapy. Typically, shockwave therapy involves creating a series of low-energy acoustic wave pulsations and applying them to an injured area. Read More