Dancers feet are always movingDancers feet are always moving

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Dancers feet are always moving

Dancers seem so glamorous moving about on the stage, but when they head backstage and take off their shoes you see a much less glamourous picture. Staying on your feet and executing those tricky moves takes a lot of work and puts an awful lot of pressure on the feet. We work with the dance companies to help rehabilitate their dancers after injuries, as well as strengthening and supporting the dancers feet to prevent injuries occuring in the first place. If you are a dancer or work with dancers, this site has ways you can practically support a dancer's feet to keep them performing.


When to See a Doctor for Your Heel Pain

No pain that you're experiencing should be ignored or left untreated for several days, much less weeks, but of course certain minor aches and everyday pains can be easily treated with home remedies and rest. When it comes to heel pain, however, note when you might want to make an appointment with your family doctor or with a podiatrist, to ensure you're not facing any type of serious setback to your mobility, and to ensure you have any potential health condition treated as quickly as possible. 

Bending your foot

If you cannot bend your foot around the ankles, stand on your toes, or move the ankle freely in any direction, it's time to see a doctor. This can indicate a broken bone, bone infection, or other serious injury or condition that should be treated quickly. Lack of motor skills, along with your heel pain, can also increase your risk of falls, and interfere with safe driving and walking. To avoid further injuries, have the foot x-rayed as soon as possible, if you cannot move it freely.


If you've injured your heel or ankle at all, even twisting it a slight bit, and you're experiencing heel pain, you want to have the foot x-rayed. You may have suffered a hairline fracture, torn ligament, bruise to the muscle, or other such damage, and may not realize it. Don't assume that a broken bone in the foot will be very obvious, as the pain you're experiencing in the heel may itself indicate a broken bone or soft tissue injury. Also, continuing to walk on a broken foot can make the injury worse, and not allow it to heal properly, so that you may eventually even need physical therapy or a corrective walking device.

You've tried home remedies

When your feet hurt, including the area around the heels, you may need to just take off your shoes, give yourself a good foot massage, and put your feet up for a few hours. If you jog or play any type of active sport, you may also need to ice your feet or take some over-the-counter pain medication to alleviate foot pain. However, if you've tried all these home remedies, and your heel continues to hurt for several days, it's time to see a doctor. Don't assume that you need to keep trying those home remedies for a few more days or weeks, but see a doctor if they don't work to alleviate pain within a reasonable amount of time.